A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

~ ~ ~ Crystal Caverns ~ ~ ~

Explore the caves, hunt for gems, see what friends you can find below

Made over a weekend at Toronto Game Jam 12

WASD to move

Mouse to look

Click to interact

E to elevator

~ ~ ~ Created by ~ ~ ~

Elliot Pines ~ 3D & Dialog ~ smolghostgames.neocities.org

Mark Bolibruch ~ 2D ~ markboli.artstation.com

Cale Bradbury ~ Code ~ netgrind.net

queercricket ~ Music ~ queercricket.bandcamp.com

more fun stuff ~ camp-cult.com


Crystal Caverns - Lnx.zip 36 MB
Crystal Caverns - Mac.zip 34 MB
Crystal Caverns - Win.zip 17 MB


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hi, big thx for your game. great artwork and gamestyle. i love it but can you say me, what can i do when i have all gems ? great job my friends. greetings from germany